Label colors and corresponding pushpin colors

I find that when I add new labels, assign them to documents, and then go back to the project settings interface and change the label colors, the pushpins may or may not take on the new color, and that the situation may get better or worse when I change and change back the label of the document. (Label colors seem to behave normally in the outliner interface.)

Closing and restarting Scrivener seems to help.


Thanks for this - this was an easy one to fix. Basically the push pin images get cached, but I wasn’t clearing the cache when you change the project settings. Thus, restarting Scrivener will fix it.

This also brought to my attention a worse problem - if you import a project from Scrivener Gold, the labels and status will be uneditable (an exception will be thrown); you will have to delete and recreate them all. This is now fixed too, so please wait until b2 before importing your own projects. (Beta 2 should be out today or tomorrow - it will hopefull fix the early bugs reported so far.)


Did you try editing a label or label colour in the tutorial? That causes problems…

I don’t see what you mean about searching. If you select “Label” in the search options menu and then type the name of the label, only documents with that label are displayed in the search results. That said, if you search for the first label in your label list, the draft, research and trash folders will get displayed, as internally they just get the first label by default… I will fix this for newly-created projects.