Label Colors in Binder? [NOTED]

Have looked about and see that this option exists in the Mac version (Use Label Color in Icons - I think it’s called), but I cannot find it in the Windows version. Also, I do not see a mention in the “OfficialBetaBugListBeta1-5.html” file. Is this currently possible with the Windows version?

Not yet. Quite a number of features on the Mac are not slated for initial release. The first goal is to get the Windows version up to what the Mac version was a few months ago—then catch up with what it is now (keeping in mind it took about two years of work to get the Mac version from point A to point B; it probably won’t take that long for the Windows version though, because a lot of that was design and theory).

Well that will make tracking my progress a LOT harder. Oh well.

Oh wait, I think I might have read you incorrectly. I thought you were referring to highlighting the entire row in the binder, not just the icon. Icon highlighting should be coming much sooner than background highlighting, as it was one of the initial features in 1.x.

This is THE single feature from the 1.x Mac version I miss most. :slight_smile:

Oh good news then as Icon highlighting is indeed what I was hoping for. I just want to be able to see at a glance what state each page of my script is at (I tend to skip around and write dialog and then go back to flesh things out for the artist).


This is the single most desired of my items, so that i can track my progress and see at a glance what I have to do next.
Label colors showing in the binder is an outstanding idea. I currently use beta 1.55 and it’s not included here, but would help immensely as I now have to go to the cork board and view that to see the progress of a particular section of text.

Thanks for all your hard work porting this over to Windows!

I had hoped that this feature would be in the 1.7 beta. Especially as 1.7 is in feature freeze. Is it still possible to get this in? This is the single most important feature that will increase my productivity. And I am not exaggerating.
Please, please, please add the functionality to have the lable color appear in the binder. I don’t care about the coloring the entire binder entry, just a swatch of color would do the trick.


I’ll third. I was really hoping it would be in the final release.

My plan for working around the lack of label colors is to use keywords and the newly implemented Collections feature (and how search creates a Collection automatically) to create an at-a-glance sort method. Could that help you.

No, Chrysoula, it wouldn’t do what I need. But thanks for the idea. The format I’m writing to is incredibly linear. Re-arranging the presentation via a collection would actually make things confusing. I need things to remain in the order I’ve set them as I use the context as I write.

Okay, I hear you :slight_smile:

For my purposes, I simply use those colored icons to indicate which parts of my work still need how much work. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks.

adds thumbs up

This is also my top choice for development! I hope it’s close, as Metonymy suggests! Just a highlighted icon is fine, or whatever is visible at a glance.

…and gosh, I really need to figure out how to do this on my Mac! I have long wanted at-a-glance progress indicators, but couldn’t ever see how to set it up! For now I’m using a labels in a search-collection, but again, the docs are out of context.

Thanks so much for all this GREAT work! Can’t wait until the final release!!

If you’re on 2.0, it’s View>Use Label Color In and then either “binder” for a bar of color or “icon” to just color the icons. (Or both, if you like.) If you’re in 1.54 it’s View>Tint Icons With Label Color.