Label colors vanish in Scrivener3

Just updated to v.3 and opened one of my projects in it. After updating the file, all the colors I use for labelling in the binder are gone. Is there a way to preserve the label colors when I open a v.2 file in v.3?

You may just have to turn that feature back on for your project. I think that’s under the View->Show Label Color In… menu (but I’m only at the Windows version, so I can’t confirm the location). If that’s not where it is, use the Help menu’s search filed to enter “label color” or some variation on that theme. It should reveal the menu you need.

Yup! Thanks, that worked. Looks like v3 has colored dots, rather than highlighting the whole text/title. Wonder if there is a preference to change that. I’ll look around.

It’s in that same menu: View/Use Label Color In/Use Full Width in Binder. :slight_smile:

I really recommend that you split the editor and get some documents in outline mode, cork board mode, and keep the binder and inspector visible with the synopsis field in view. Then play with those settings–I discovered that I really like colored icons over coloring the lines in the binder and outlines, and I like coloring the cards on the cork board and inspector synopsis.

It sure is! Thanks!