label/colour binder items

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I’m trying to learn scrivener’s features a little better and I have a questions which I think is easy:

I know I can change the icon of Binder items, but I also thought I could change their “highlighted” colour, as in “draft”, “revised” etc so that I can see at a glance the status of all my work.

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Yes, you do this via labels (which can be set up via Project > Meta-Data Settings… and assigned either via the inspector or by ctrl-clicking on the selected documents in the binder, corkboard or outliner). Then use View > Use Label Color In > Binder to show the label colours in the binder.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Keith!

Now I just need to figure out how to improve the contrast! I think that is an apple preference for the "background’ colour in the binder.

Very helpful!

You can change the binder background colour in the “Appearance” pane of Scrivener’s Preferences if you want - and you can choose your own label colours by double-clicking on the colour chips in the Meta-Data Settings pane.

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