Label corkboard doesn't shrink cards

I love the direction Scrivener is taking, and I’m really excited about the label corkboard.

When in label mode, the corkboard won’t display on a single screen like the regular corkboard. It’s impossible to see the different labels without scrolling to the right or down. That’s true of all three views. Is it possible to shrink the cards so they can all appear next to each other?

Also, is it possible to apply more than one label? I have all my labels set to characters, but I’d love to have an alt label and alt label view so I can view the structure of the narrative side-by-side.

Yes and no. At the bottom of the corkboard panel, to the right, is a small set of icons. If you look closely, they resemble a grid, a freeform corkboard arrangement, a label arrangement, and a corkboard in grid. The last one is the corkboard options settings button. With the top setting in that dialog box, you can shrink the cards. This doesn’t help much, but you can shrink them.

I think a reasonable suggestion here is that Scrivener (some time in the next dev cycle) overlap the columns or rows to make more efficient use of space when in Arrange By Label mode.

No. Nice idea, tho.

However, you can use keywords and keyword Color chips (I use them for character participation), and you can relabel Status to be something completely different (like Main Character, location, subplot name and stage, or whatever else is useful to you). Unfortunately, you can’t arrange by those, but you can set them to be visible on the corkboard.