Label > Edit causes entire program to freeze

Whenever I click on something in the Binder, be it a folder or text, then do the standard right click > label > edit… to create a new label, the entire program freezes. The only way to get out of it is to open the task manager and close the program through that. Thankfully I haven’t been losing anything when this happens, but I’m trying to organize and I can’t add any more label categories. Before the last update this was working fine as all the labels I created before that are still available for picking and work fine when clicked on.

I don’t know if this is related, but I tried to reproduce the problem. What happened for me is the Edit label window appeared on my other monitor. If it is simply appearing off your screen you might try the windows key and the left or right arrow keys and possibly the windows key and shift key and left or right arrow. Maybe the program isn’t frozen, just off your screen.

I did think about that because I’ve been known to leave files on my other monitor and then disconnect and run off with my laptop, only to later wonder where the files went. I tried what I usually do when that happens (changing scale to snap the file back onto my main screen) and that didn’t work, so then I reconnected my other monitor to see if the box was in fact just trying to appear on my other screen when not connected.
With both screens going as usual, I tried editing the labels again with exactly the same result as I’ve been getting for days. Nothing shows up on my other screen and I can’t click on anything within Scrivener. I can’t even drag it to another screen. I can use other windows, but I cannot do a thing with Scrivener.
Thanks for the input!