"Label" label doesn't appear in Search menu

When I go to search my project and click on the dropdown list at the left of the Search box, the list does not show “Label” as a searchable item - it has a blank space where “Label” should be. If I select the blank space, it does indeed search only labels. But the list goes:



I’m on Scrivener, on a Windows 7 64 bit computer with dual monitors, each set to 1920X1200.

Sorry if this has already been reported, I searched but didn’t find it.

You’ve probably changed the name of your label meta-data field to be empty. Use the Project/Meta-Data Settings... menu command to load the meta-data setup window. In the “Label” tab, check the contents of the “Custom Title” field. What you see here is what the software will use in the interface when working with the colour label. If you want it to act like the default state, type “Label” into this field and check the search menu again.

Got it! Thanks - chalk it up to inexperienced user error …