Label search results

I’m using Scrivener for a long paper, so I have notes+the actual paper in my project. I realized a few weeks ago I could search for text in the notes with Scrivener! I love it. It makes finding certain topics in notes I’ve made much easier. I also realized you could highlight the notes in the binder that you want to search. I love that in your search results they are divided by document. They are not labeled though. \

It would be nice if the note title and folder title was displayed in the search results before or after the dividing line. I’ve placed notes from a book as divided by page (or section) in a folder that contains the book title the notes are from. Knowing from where in my library this particular bit of notes is coming from would be great.

Thanks for the suggestion. Search results is one of the things we’ve been going over and so I’ve added this to the current list of things to think about.

For now, know that it is easy to get the path information from an item. You can click on the editor header bar icon, and hover over “Path” to see where the file came from. As you might expect, clicking on any of those will select that item as though you had clicked it in the Binder.

Also you can just hover the mouse over the name of the item in the header bar. After a moment the path will come up in a tooltip.

Another thing you can do from a search result is hit Opt-Cmd-R, or View/Reveal in Binder. This command works from a number of contexts, and is useful for pinpointing where a search result came from. Even just clicking on the Binder tab with a search result selected will automatically reveal it, too.

Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration, AmberV. I work tech support for a company who makes software for studying the bible amongst other things. The crux of the system is in the many elaborate ways one can search their library. We are only recently branching out into the secular arena (an area that is sorely in need of the technology implemented by the company). I’m kind of using Scrivener as a stopgap, in that I’m dumping as much info as I can into it, and searching for specific terms afterward. The goal is to further distill what I need for the actual end product. I’m well aware that I’m abusing Scrivener in this manner, but its working better than nothing. Thank you for having the search mechanism there at all!

The hover/tool-tip suggestion is what I’ll use. The other two suggestions have the affect of erasing my search query and thus the list of notes that the word searched was in. I then have to re-do the search and scan back to where I was.

I don’t know what your primary market is, if it is fiction/screenplays or if it is non-fiction, scholarly work, and I don’t know if anyone else could use a more refined/powerful search engine, but i have other ideas if that is something desired for the application. My ideas are more in terms of how it would look/be used on the user end.

Thanks again!