Label/status change applied to last selected card only

When working in corkboard mode, it is possible to select multiple index cards by shift- or ctrl-clicking. However, when you go to apply a status or label to the selected cards using the inspector, only the last selected card is affected.

It is possible to change the status or label of more than one card from the right-click menu, but it would also make sense to make multiple changes to multiple cards that are selected using the General tab under selector as well.

I am using beta 023 on Win 7.

Respectfully, I don’t agree that this would make more sense. Consider that with the rest of the Inspector, you don’t see all ten (or whatever) synopses lists, or have ten note pads, or ten keyword lists—the Inspector only displays and impacts meta-data for one single item at a time, no exceptions. If two drop-down menus in one section of it suddenly started working differently, that would be odd. There is one exception to this, but that exception doesn’t exist yet as a feature. When Comments & Footnotes are added as a separate pane, they will stack all notation from the current text view, even if that view has many documents within it using Scrivenings view. In this case the Inspector is acting more like a margin.

Right-click is the way to change bulk items at once.