Label tints need to be visible in the Binder view

The label feature would be useful if items in the Binder column were tinted with the chosen label. This is how I expected the app to behave when I tried to label an entry. One could see at a glance the status of various items on the left, find and arrange them.

Having this only show up in the corkboard and the inspector is not very useful at all by comparison.

View menu: Tint Icons with Label Color. :slight_smile:

Can you Batch Change Label Colors?

I just set up a whole new draft using existing files from a different draft, but want to give them a different label color than their originals. When I group them, the Inspector kicks to Project References…Question make sense?

The inspector shows information only for one document at a time, so it wouldn’t make sense to use the inspector to change the label for multiple items.

Instead, just select all the documents you want to change in the binder, corkboard or outline view, and ctrl-click on them - the contextual menu (or the gear menu in the footer bar) gives you the option of changing the label or status for all at once.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

That was it. I was highlighting them, but then going over to the inspector to batch change instead of Ctrl-clicking. I keep forgetting to use that little gear button at the bottom, too. Sorry. Should have figured it out. Thanks. David.