Labeling issues

In making custom labels for files, I’ve run into problems with both the inspector and the corkboard. It’s as if some of the labels get “bad.” Not all, either–at first I thought it was a numbers issue, which it might be. I have currently seven custom labels, though at one point I had eight and maybe nine. Two different labels gave me trouble in that when I tried to select them they wouldn’t stay–it would default to a random other label. (Not the default label either, just to make things more fun.) One I fixed by trimming down my number of labels, but one I had to delete and remake. Now (so far) they are all working. I’m okay as far as my own work is concerned, but I thought I’d report this for the record.

I am currently using the Scrivener 2.0 for NaNoWriMo trial.


Did you move the labels around in Project Meta-Data sheet, or delete some? This may have been the problem - a user reported something similar to this last week, which I fixed for the release version. But let me know the steps I need to reproduce it, and I’ll look into it.


Hmm. I think so. Initially I just added some, but I rearranged them as they got added. Eventually I did delete some of the ones which were already in place.

It’s not all of them, either, just a few. And it does seem to be fixed for now.

Yes, last night I found some perplexing problems in NaNo: I set up labels for various characters, but only the first two worked. All the others would fixate on the already-existing “Notes” or some such and would not change. I finally figured out that only the first five or so labels will work, so I removed the pre-existing ones and substituted my own… That works, if you don’t have too many.

I also found that there is no way to Empty Trash in NaNo.

I’m sure all these things will clear up shortly :slight_smile:

It you mean it crashed while emptying the trash, I fixed that bug today (if you download the version from the main site - the one I re-uploaded this afternoon) that bug should be gone.

Please provide a way to reproduce your labels issue though and I’ll take a look (as I say, I did fix one labels bug since the NaNo version that may be the cause).


I upgraded to S2 and last week I upgraded again. Last night I still experienced label disorder (it’s a new disease). I had previously set up about 5-6 labels for various POVs. Yesterday I started a new section for a new person. His label was already set up as #7 (after the No Label variation). I cannot get this label to take. it usually defaults to label #3. If I insist on it, I can get it to specify label #7 in the label field, but the card remains colored like #3. Any work I do on that segment reverts the label to #3.

So I moved label #7 to the #2 position. It didn’t make any difference. It still behaves as described above.

Obviously this is not the end of the world; I just thought you might have a fix in the offing.

PS: I don’t care much about icons, either, you’ll be happy to know, although I do enjoy using them for further procrastination.

I’ve actually seen this problem as well, but haven’t managed to reproduce it. I created a new label to split off of an existing label, and for a while, the old label wouldn’t stick. Every time I tried to set a document to it, the document assignment would jump back to the new label that I had created.

Since then, the problem has gone away.

This is a bug that has been fixed for 2.0.1. The problem is that some of the internal label IDs were getting reused if you deleted some labels and then added new ones all in the same “Project Meta-Data” session, resulting in labels (or status items) with the same internal ID. The result of this is that if you select one label, another label can actually be applied (the one with the same ID).

2.0.1 will fix this and fix up the internal IDs for affected projects.


Thanks to both of you for the quick answers. If I understand you correctly, Keith, all I have to do is delete the problematic label in one session and remake it in another one. That sounds easy enough.