Labels and Status

In my current project, I’ve re-named all of my Labels to the names of Point of View characters and each scene is labeled based on who the POV character is for that scene. So, for example I’ve got 10 scenes, 7 are labeled “Joe” and 3 are labeled “Bob”

Is there a way to tell scrivenver to show ONLY the scenes with one label over the other? IE, lets say those three scenes with Bob are spread over the entire 100K word manucript and 20 chapters each with a bunch of scenes. Is there any way to pull those three scenes out and look at them as one?

I know I can drop Keywords into the scenes and then filter by specific keywords. Just not sure as to whether or not I can do it through the labels.

Thanks much.

Use the search field and search by one of the labels (POV names), checking only “Label” in the search menu (click on the arrow next to the magnifying glass). The binder should be replaced by the search list containing only documents with that label.
All the best,