Labels editing focus

Nine times out of ten, when I go to the ‘Edit labels’ dialogue, I want to add or edit a label, rather than change what I’m calling my labels as a group. At the moment, the focus goes to the ‘Custom Title’ field and type over it before I realise what I’ve done. Could the default focus be on the ‘add’ button, please?

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Forgive me for being dense, but if it’s on the “+” button, how does that help you? You have to click it with the mouse still; just typing doesn’t create a new label. And actually hitting Return exits the window, rather than enacting the button, so you really have to use the mouse or else tab back to the list of labels. If the focus is in the list of labels themselves, you’d either have to hit Return to start a new label before you could begin typing or, if the focus is inside a label, you’d end up typing over a label that already exists.

Which is a lengthy way of saying I don’t see how you get around having to take at least one additional action before you start typing the new label anyway. But I suppose it might stop you from accidentally overwriting pre-existing text as easily.

Yes, as MM points out, you can’t do this. A button can’t have the focus - all it can have is a keyboard shortcut. But the “OK” button has the return keyboard shortcut, and anything else would be anti-UI guidelines. So, the labels & status pane is one place where you do need to use the mouse, but I don’t see that it’s a bad compromise seeing as it’s not the sort of place you are likely to spend vast amounts of time.
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Fair point over the focus thing, but having the Label text highlighted does make it more likely people will accidentally overtype it. It’s no biggie - I thought shifting a default focus was pretty simple, but apparently not.

It is possible to do it all with the keyboard. You can’t assign the label to a document without the mouse, I think, but you can create new ones without it. Tab into the list of labels and then Return will create a new label; type the name and then just hit Tab to end editing and switch out of the list and Return will then save changes and exit.

…But I think that’s all incidental to the problem of accidentally overtyping the label name. :slight_smile: And you’d need the mouse to change the default color assigned, I don’t think there’s a way around that.