Labels not affecting other areas like before

I have a project file I have been using for ages. When i set a label, it changes the colour of that scene in the binder and also the colour of the synopsis window.

I’ve just started another file for a new project. But when I add a label now, it doesn’t change in these other areas. I assume it’s a setting that I did once and have forgotten how I did it. Can you someone tell me how to get this effect again?

(Using Scrivener 2 on an old mac)

It’s a long time since I’ve used V2, sorry, but I don’t remember it being any different from V3 in this regard.

The commands to reflect label colour in V3 are all on the View > Use Label Colour in… menu— you’ll want View > Use Label Colour in… > Index Card, which will also colour the synopsis panel, as well as > Binder / Icon etc.

If that menu isn’t in the same place in V2, perhaps there’s a similar one somewhere else (Format?)


That did it! Thanks very much.

You’re welcome!