Labels, word counts and progress - oh my

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to share - I bought Scrivener about a year ago after a life time of fighting with apps like MS Word, Lotus AmiPro (remember that one?), etc, etc. At this point, I’m pretty sure I won’t go back to anything else. The support from this forum is impressive as well - I don’t ask many questions but I do a LOT of reading here.

I wanted to share a tip or two and also ask if there are better ways to do some of what I’m doing - I’m always looking for ways to improve.

I’ve used the Labels to show POV for each chapter/scene/whatever. My main view shows the labels, scene word count, section word count, target word count, last modified data and a bar chart for overall progress. I’m a word count geek, so this helps me track my progress overall and see where I can/should spend time. I’m anything but a linear writer - I tend to jump around a bit so this is helpful for me but maybe not others. I’ve attached a screenshot - I’ve hidden chapter names because they tend to end up silly and meaningful only to me. Curious about your thoughts and also wanted to offer up one simple example of how to use this fine tool for anybody who might be struggling on this.


Yup, I use that too.
However, I really do wish that the ‘total progress’, ‘total word count’, etc would reflect itself in the folders and main documents - by summing up the total target minus the total count for the sub-documents. Otherwise the outline view becomes too complicated to use. As it is, you have to have everything open in the outline to try and understand the progress.


Hi Joao…I agree, I labored a bit on that and decided my only recourse was to divide into sections. Maybe a good suggestion for a future enhancement. :slight_smile:

One of the ways I use the label function is to put event times in them so when I use outline mode I have a time line for a sequence of events… For example: If my hero has been wounded, I can make sure his actions and appearance match his physical state. or if the plot spans large periods of time, I can make sure the seasons and weather, or ages progress correctly.