Has anyone, and I’m sure this has been mentioned before, thought of the concept of having more than one labelling system within Scrivener, so that you can present multiple versions, one for say, POV, another for Story Arc, location, scene etc., etc.? So, that you can have multiple overviews of index cards, or compile groupings?

If I’m missing something please let me know :slight_smile:


This is what Keywords are for. – Katherine

Sorry Katherine, I thought keywords were a way of locating files not presenting them. Is that correct?

And other ideas: … d-numbers/ … scrivener/

(Still relevant to Scriv 3.)

Keywords have presentation options for both Outliner and Corkboard views. With the former, obviously this is accomplished with a keyword colour, which can either represent keywords as colours or as labels. With Corkboard, keywords can be represented as colours along the side of the card.


  • View ▸ Outliner Options ▸ Keywords and … ▸ as Color Chips
  • View ▸ Corkboard Options ▸ Show Keyword Colors

The best way to get items grouped together by keyword (either for viewing or compiling) is via search collections. Search collections can be used to filter in the compiler, and they can be viewed on the corkboard/outliner by right-clicking on the editor header bar and using the “Go To Collection” submenu.

Thank you everybody for your very helpful replies. There is much food for thought, and because of your advice and helpful suggestions I know there is one and probably more solutions to my conundrum.

Once you use keywords to identify the files you want, all the usual methods for presenting them are available.