Lack of Navigation in Quick Reference & Bookmarks

Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021


A comment about the Lack of Navigation in Quick Reference versus Bookmarks…

I have a document open in quick reference… no problem there. I open the bookmarks sidebar and hit a bookmark. No problem here either… does what it says it will do.

The problem?

No way back. Once I hit the bookmark, I have no (visibly obvious) way to return to the original document that I had open in the quick reference, so I have to stop what I’m doing, go find the original document in the binder and re-open it in quick reference.

If you’re going to support bookmarks in quick reference, at LEAST make it possible to return to the original document! (Please!?)



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On the Mac, you can get back to the previous document the same way in a QR window as you would in an editor, by using the shortcut cmd-[.

I don’t know what the shortcut is on Windows, but it may be worth trying that?

The menu commands are Navigate > Editor > Forward/Back in Document History, BTW.

Does that help?

@brookter, good suggestion, but unfortunately Win Scriv 3.0 doesn’t have the same QR navigation features as Mac. :pouting_cat:

This seems to be a missing Windows feature. Hopefully it’s on the shortlist for future implementation, because it would surely be useful.



What he said :slight_smile:


For me, I just won’t use the bookmark feature-- I don’t anyway. I just opened the sidebar to see what was in it, and accidently pressed the bookmark and discovered there was no way back.


John, I realize in your example you sort of got there by accident, but I’ve found that the QR sidebar feature is really cool for getting to research and notes, if the main editors are otherwise occupied.

I’ve got perhaps 20 frequently used folders &documents bookmarked, for quick access from QR panels with sidebars. From the sidebar I can even drill down to children items from container items, so it’s like having an infinite number of binders available.

The only thing missing to make it fully realized is navigable document history, so I really do hope this is something that comes to Windows eventually.


I’ve only recently begin using the Quick Reference windows. I just generally don’t have much need for them, though I do like the fact that they’re there, and they do come in useful sometimes.

I was about to take this thread waaay off topic-- so I opened a different thread in the latte section, if anybody wants to talk about it.


Yeah, this is a known issue. The original QR panel implementation was strictly one window per document, so there was no need for history. Adding the bookmarks sidebar changed that however. It usually not a huge problem if you’re using it for that purpose and flipping between bookmarks, but I can see how it’s problematic if you started with something else!

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Oh well… the major things are mostly there now, so I suppose it’s down to the ‘conveniences’ . No doubt they’re on the list for adding at at some point.