Lack of Superior Font Rendering

Downloaded the trial.

Windows 8.1.
Scrivener. 1.9.

And my eyes bleed. The rendered fonts, the make my eyes bleed! UGH!!

The fonts (especially OTF) are so poorly rendered in the editor, that I went back to my MAC Scrivener.

What’s happening?

Why not use a beautiful, OWN, font renderer, like Adobe does for their own applications? If not that, at least use the same backend solution (NOT GDI based, in windows) that Word 2013 for windows and upwards uses to render OTF fonts (called, DirectWrite)

An extremely useful software - but can’t get bear to write in it.

Alright, rant over. Back to El Capitain (and if only I can get spotlight to work correctly there, Harrumph!!)