Lag on adjusting paper width in full-screen mode

I am working in full-screen mode, using ‘edit scrivenings’ to see eight documents (from the same folder) containing a total of about 40,000 words.

When trying to adjust the paper width in full-screen mode, I am getting a considerable time-lag between clicking/dragging the pointer, and it actually moving, or the paper-width altering. I don’t remember this with previous beta versions.

So, sometimes it takes me quite a few goes, back and forth, to get the paper-width as I want it.

Is this just me being more fussy than usual :wink:, or is this just the way it has to be (and perhaps always was)?

Regards, Leigh

I just tried it out with those parameters, and it is a little slow changing the width on a dual 2.3ghz PPC G5. Nothing impossible to work with, but I would imagine G4 laptops and older towers would take quite a hit.

Is this normal usage for you, Leigh? Do you typically edit 40,000 word chunks at once?

Sometimes more!
It takes away the excuse to stop at the end of each chapter :wink:
Editing is such a chore…

Changing the width really relies on your computer speed. Absolutely nothing has changed in this beta in this regard - the full screen paper resizing is exactly the same as in other betas. It will be slower if you have lots of words in the text. This is exactly the same as if you have lots of words in a window of TextEdit and go to resize it - there will sometimes be a lag.

I totally understand what you’re saying.
I guess I just hadn’t considered my G4 to be that old yet… :frowning:
Thanks for the replies!

Heh, your G4 certainly isn’t that old yet. :slight_smile: It’s just that there will be certain aspects that inevitably lag when you have a lot of text. During development, I put all of the focus into ensuring that typing would always be as fast as possible. So, in full screen with 40,000 words in an Edit Scrivenings session, you should still be able to type really quickly on a G4. Live-resizing of the paper width may be a little slower, but I think that is a lot less important than typing speed. (The slowdown also may be caused by the fact that all the time the paper is getting resized, it is getting saved to your user defaults.)
All the best,

I tried out another piece of software for a while, and the single most irritating thing about it was a huge lag in typing, which got worse as you went along – until you finally had to restart the application.
Drove me nuts! :imp:

By comparison, Scrivener is marvellous in every way, and if there is a lag in paper-width adjustment because my machine is that bit older, I really don’t mind (I didn’t intend to sound complaining!). I do understand the issues.

Now I’m in to the editing phase of this particular project, adjusting the paper-width is just one more stalling tactic before I have to start work, occupying at least ten seconds. With luck, the phone might ring in the meantime…

Thanks again,

Ha! I definitely relate to this one. I’m in the throes of my final (hopefully) revisions of my dissertation, and it’s amazing to be this close to being done and so readily finding more pleasant distractions to attend to. I don’t know if it’s fear of completing this thing for some reason or if I’m just really, really sick of it! I love what I’m doing, but it sure can be easy to find a gazillion other really interesting and important things to do. Like getting just the right icon for my new DTPro folder. Now THAT’s really going to make or break things! :slight_smile: