Lag when opening existing text


Apologies if this is posted somewhere else, I did look but didn’t find anything.

I’m using Scrivener 3 on a Mac Book Air and have a few texts that pause, lag, every time I switch to them. For instance I have toggle split view open (two docs open at once) and am copying and pasting bits of one text to another text document. However, every time I click over, the document pauses, shows me the rainbow loading wheel, then lets me edit. Other texts don’t have this problem. The lagging texts do not have images or other large bits of media in them (just text), but they are large (greater than 10k words) have highlighting, inline annotations, and comments. However I’ve used all three of these components in other texts that don’t lag. Plus when I copy and paste the text to a new document, but without the highlighting, annotations, and comments the new document does not lag.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any idea what component might be causing the lag? I’ll just stop using that bit of functionality. It’s a problem for me because there are times when I’m constantly switching back and forth between texts.

Similarly, I’ve noticed that taking a snapshot causes Scrivener to lag, and once frozen Scrivener. The offending text has had a number of snapshots taken. Not sure if that’s related. But maybe?

Thanks for any help!