Lag when typing maybe?

Does anyone else experience occasional lag when typing? I don’t think it’s my computer. I recently rebuilt it and everything else runs fine. (Specs below. Just sharing to rule out my system.) There’s nothing in the event logs. This could be me, I’m in the early stages of Parkinson’s, but usually that just causes repeated keystrokes.

Let me know if there is logging I can turn on or turn up, I’m happy to send them over.

AMD Ryzen 3950x CPU
x570 Motherboard
RTX 2080 TI Video Card
64 Gb DDR4 3600MHz RAM
M.2 2280 NVMe drives

Oh, and I’m seeing this on RC7. I also saw it on RC6.

Is what you’re seeing similar to what the poster describes in this thread? [url]]

Not quite. My system doesn’t take a performance hit. There’s just the slightest lag between characters when I type. Only happens sometimes. I’ll try to grab video. (Thanks for the link!)