I’m still on the trial. I am a PhD student and so thrilled to discover this software. I working in a project that has a lot of images in Research - and will have a lot more - and currently working on a document which has various images inserted, not especially big, from iPhone, inserted. I understood inserting and using docs with images is part of the provision. The lag is heart breaking which is why I am here. the spinning rainbow wheel of doom is there every time I go back to change a letter and sometimes I can’t even type without significant delay. It is making it impossible to use which is so disappointing. Is there a fix for this or do I go back to pages where I don’t have lag?

Here’s a solution: Instead of importing the images into your Research folder, choose File/Import/Research Files as Aliases…

That way, the project file doesn’t get bloated.

I recommend that you keep all of those image files in one folder on your disk.