I realize it might not be a priority until after it’s finally out of beta, but is it likely we’ll ever see performance on par with the mac version?

Loading a 170k word novel in scrivenings mode on my desktop with an i7 2600k takes 33 seconds, while on my mid 2012 macbook air with a core i5 it takes under a second.

Even if loading 170K words in a Scrivenings session takes 1 sec, I would strongly advice against doing it. Working with that amount of text all at once is also raising usefulness questions. In Scrivener v3 you can cancel loading the huge Scrivenings session(which was not possible in Scrivener v1), but most likely will never reach 1sec loading time without using loading tricks and caching which will increase use of other computer resources.

The loading time also depends a lot on the text contents, but in my tests loading the Tutorial > Draft folder and all its subdocuments under Windows and Mac(mid 2011) containing ~24K words takes the same amount of time(~3-4 seconds) upon initial load. Each load after the initial load is loading faster.

How do you cancel? For me it locks up for about ten seconds upon clicking the draft folder, switches to the percent loading, then locks up for a few seconds after hitting 100%.

I do have several hundred comments, not sure if the mac version is somehow better at handling that.

Also interesting that yours gets faster with each load. For me, each time I load it, it takes 33-37 seconds.

Just click on any other Binder document and loading the current Scrivenings session will be cancelled.

On similar note in case it is useful-- I’m working on dissertation chapters that are currently each up between 7k and 9k words. When I am switching from one chapter to work on a different one, Scrivener lags anywhere 5-20+ seconds