Lagging date stamp...

I note that the changes I made today (April 3) are not reflected in the project title. For some reason, the title of the doc remains stuck on March 31…yet some other scriv docs do reflect the date on which edits/additions were made.

I can’t find reference to this but it’s confusing to have today’s work stamped with an old date. What am I doing wrong?

?? The project title doesn’t show the date stamp, unless it’s part of the file name - because you typed it in or because you are using a backup (backups have the date appended to the file name). File names are static, obviously. It sounds as though you are confusing part of the file name with a live date stamp.

I’m referring to the doc name at the very top of the window…It’s “stuck” at March 31…but other drafts of the same doc have yesterday’s date, the day before, etc…

I hope I’m being clear…

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. There is no date stamp there. The dates you are talking about must be static and part of the document. Trust me, there is no date stamp at the top of the window and never has been.

Kevin, I totally trust you!!! But why do other docs show April dates prior to Mar 31?

You may trust Kevin, whoever he might be, but what about me? :wink:

I have no idea. Why don’t you post a screenshot? That way I can tell you exactly what it is that is confusing you.


Haagghh!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Dont trust him as far as you can throw him :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[size=50]Im wettin mself arrghh[/size]

I trust you, too, Keith, really I do.

I did a hard drive search, found a scriv doc that has the Mar 31 date in brackets followed by another set of brackets with today’s date. I’ve opened the doc with the double brackets & will work from that.

So far, it looks like this will solve my problem…I hope I haven’t really screwed up!

Thanks so much for your help…

Sounds like you are saving the file by choosing “Backup” and backing it up to a new location.

When you backup, the current date is automatically added to the File Name, unless you change the file name to something else. It is this file name that is being displayed at the top of the program.

If you have two dates there, it means you have probably opened the backup, and chosen to backup again. This will append a second date after the first.

This won’t cause you any problems, other than being a little confusing.

In general, you would just save Scrivener by choosing “Save” from the menu, rather than Backup (thus overriding the existing project). Use backup (usually ticking the “as zip” option to save space) for exactly that - to create a backup of the project at that particular time, so you can go back to it if you do something terrible to your original copy.