It has been extremely frustrating to work in scrivener as of late. There are two issues which completely drive me insane (Binder workflow related strictly) and they are:

  1. Buffering issues while working with the Scrivener application (Binder
  2. Option drag files/folders or duplicate and unresponsive Scrivener Application

I am using Scrivener as an outliner mostly and it is currently at a size of 27mb with no media files and less than 10 imported web pages in the research folder. Folders, files and text (and a few icons) is all that’s being used for my entire project.

the # 1 issue behaves the same way it behaves when saving a project, it will buffer until the save is complete, the only difference, I am not saving the project and merely going through files and folders and adding text, extra folders, etc. Each time I click in different containers, I get a buffering “loading behavior”. It is frustrating beyond imagination since this is completely killing the speed workflow I’d like to work with rather than be controlled by Scrivener’s issues. Please tell me how this nonsense buffering lag can be fixed as I can no longer deal with. The responsiveness is complete bollocks in Scrivener; and although I love it for everything else, I can’t continue using it due to its annoying lags.

the #2 issue behaves simply as said. When I try to duplicate folders/files wither by menu command or option drag, it will freeze Scrivener and it will become unresponsive. I will then need to force quit the application and when its opened again, it will need to reindex for another minute or so. How is this application supposed to eb used as an outliner with its most essential and crucial features not working properly?

Reading your post, I can only conclude that something is amiss - though I do not know what it might be. What you’ve described is not characteristic Scrivener behaviour.

I’m currently working on 39 Mb Scrivener project on a 2011 Mac Mini with no lags, no problems.

It might help others to diagnose the causes of the issues that you’re facing if you let us know the details of your hardware.

This sounds like you have some issues with the underlying filesystem that your Scrivener project(s) are saved on. Are you working directly from a slow USB drive? How is that drive formatted, and what block sizes?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply, I was testing different methods to give you a better answer before jumping to any conclusion. The project file has always been on a folder on my desktop. Initially, the backup & scratch pad location was located in on an external drive.

Then I’ve moved them on my computer’s internal SSD drive. The backup location in the hiden library -> applications support folder and the scratch pad location in the regular documents folder. WAs still giving me the same issues.

So, I set the backup preferences to backup only on project close and automatic save after 360 seconds. This seemed to resolve the lagging issue when creating containers and writing text. However, sometimes it just freezes (maybe because Ive moved the folders to many times?). As for the Duplicating folders or files containers, either with the menu command or by option dragging, it seems like the problems still persists and Scrivener is still unresponsive.

Have you enabled having your desktop on iCloud Drive?