Lags when typing in composition mode above 125% zoom

I love the dark mode!!!

That said, my usual dark mode (composition mode) lags significantly on 150% magnification and above. It doesn’t appear or isn’t noticeable at 125% and below.

Update. This is only in long paragraphs. The longer they are the worse it is.

Lenovo Yoga 920 / Windows 10.

Does it appear in normal coloration in composition mode?

Thanks for responding, rwfranz. Aside from the slowness, everything else is what I would expect in composition mode. In fact, it actually also happens in normal mode if I make the font large enough. The two ingredients to replicate are: 1) Paragraphs 100+ words and large font. It’s not related to whether the font is magnified or simply a large font (18pt+).

I can’t replicate this in other programs but booting into safe mode seemed to affect it but it was ambiguous (I could type large font on composition mode but not in regular editing mode). This is a brand new computer so I’d be willing to accept that there’s some kind of driver or hardware issue. That said, it appears to be the combination of this computer and Scrivener for some reason.

I’ve bought Windows/OSX/iOS and it’s disappointing to experience this on my new primary computer.

I’d love any troubleshooting suggestions. Is there analogous software I could use to replicate, narrowing it down to my computer? Are there known issues that create typing lag when the font is larger?

As to analagous software, I don’t know of any piece of software that does everything Scrivener does. There are some that do some plus other things. yWriter, Storywriter, ostorybook, Manuskript and some others.

I tried to reproduce this. Mind you, my machine is 16 GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1600x, and terabytes of HD space. I’m also currently testing a multi-gigabyte RAM cache.

Started to show a little lag (upwards of a quarter second) at 48 points and 800% zoom.

Managed to crash Beta 13 at 188 points and 800% zoom on 1492 words of a lorem ipsum in DejaVu Serif. Mind you, I don’t write at that zoom level, but it does crash. Scriv is locked, 9.2% + CPU, 188 MB of memory in use.

Gotta ask the question: what’s the system you’re running this on, and what else is running at the same time? How much free disk space do you have on THAT drive, and what’s the total capacity of the drive? How fragmented is the disk?

Great question rwfranz, I think I figured out replication steps for someone with a system similar to mine.

It seems to be related to the “High DPI mode”. I am using the Yoga 920. It was (and still kind of is) new. 1TB total (about 500GB free). Lots of memory. But it does have a 3840x2160 monitor. When I stumbled on the “High DPI Mode” box today I immediately toggled it and the problem went away!!! But then scrivener became unusable because it’s impossible to see. I don’t know how High DPI mode is implemented but it seems to be causing slowness in a way that other apps don’t. That mode is intended for machines like mine but it’s not working well. :frowning:

OK. Think its fixed. At least I can toggle the issue on and off for now. It relates to “High DPI Mode”. I kept that setting on in Scrivener and then right clicked on the .exe file in Explorer and checked the “Program DPI Mode” under.Properties>Compatibility>Change High DPI Settings. I also set “Use the DPI for my main display when I open this program.” It seems to be working fine now. I tried almost every other combination before arriving at this one. So glad to have Scrivener working on Windows after 7 months of trying!