Landscape mode on iPhone?

Unless I’m missing something it appears that landscape mode is unavailable when editing on an iPhone. I often use a third-party keyboard with my iPhone, so it would be disappointing if landscape mode wasn’t an option.

Landscape mode is absolutely available!

Works for me on an iphone 6

Dang it, I knew I was doing something wrong. I’ve been all over the phone (iPhone 6S Plus) and can’t figure out how to toggle the landscape mode. The portrait orientation lock is off, and I’ve been all over the Settings. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the verification.

Works for me just by rotating my iPhone 6, strange that it’s not working for you with portrait lock off. Hope you can work it out. Do other apps go into landscape?

Drag up from the bottom of the screen for control panel, its the icon on the far right.

Thanks, but that was the problem: I did go to the Control Panel but orientation lock was off.

The problem, however, was solved after I did a hard restart of the phone.

Thanks to all for your kind help. I will be leaving a 5-star review for this wonderful app on the App Store later today.

Glad you got it sorted! Sorry for the quick reply earlier - I know it wasn’t very helpful, but I was eating my lunch at the time and going through things quickly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Thank you, Keith, for all of your hard work on this app and for your superheroic patience with us overeager, “When Will It Be Ready?” fans.