Landscape PDF is cropped

I imported a landscape orientation pdf to my project file, and it’s cropped on the right side. Took me a while to realize that Scrivener is importing in portrait view, so it’s cutting of my landscape oriented pdf. Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix it, so it recognizes the orientation of the imported pdf? Thanks!

I’m afraid not at the moment; this is a bug with the PDF reading tool Scrivener uses. If you have the option, you can try resaving the PDF in another reader–the cropping will only happen with certain encoding, but I’m not sure what programs will definitely produce one or the other. Preview on a Mac will save a landscape PDF that can be imported correctly; someone else had success generating a PDF through Nuance OmniPage. I don’t think Adobe’s save will work.

This is on the list, but as it’s not Scrivener-specific code that can be fixed, it’s a bit more complicated. Until we’re able to address this, using Documents > Open in External Editor will be your best option. There’s a button for this in the right of the editor footer as well, when you’ve loaded a PDF.

As always, thanks for super speedy reply. FYI, I’m using Nitro Pro PDF reader, which is not Adobe, but clearly doesn’t work either. I will happily use external document features until such a time as this gets fixed.