language correctors

I don’t really need a french version of Scrivener although I write in french mostly, but as I make lots of mistakes when typing and since the system dictionnary often cannot provide the right proposition, for this reason among others I am presently looking into a corrector and dictionnary called “Petit Prolexis” but unfortunately, though well integrated in safari, mail and textedit, this software does’nt seem to be availaible in scrivener.
Do scrivener users use such correctors in french, english or others languages ? I would be curious to know.

No, I don’t, but I prefer CocoAspell to the system dictionary anyway, and I think there is a French dictionary available. For me, CocoAspell was so seamless that I just assumed it was working in every app.
That said, I’ve just done a clean install of 10.5.1 and a clean install of all my apps. Apart from Amadeus Pro not being very keen on sound input via FireWire with a hub between the audio interface and the computer, everything has been working beautifully. I haven’t yet tried re-installing CocoAspell, though.
My only other gripe, and a pertinent one, is that the system spell check doesn’t have a “Replace All” function, so I have had to go through a file telling it to make the same changes about 100 times!