Language mix problem when exporting document

Yesterday I installed Scrivener on a different machine (an old 2010 mac on which I upgraded the OS to Sierra just for the purpose).
Although I set the language to “Italian”, when I export a document (pdf, doc, or mobi) something is messed up in the title’s chapters. In fact, I get something like:

1.Capitolo one;
2.Capitolo two;
3. …

And so on.

(capitolo = chapter in Italian). This is obviously not good.

Usually I compile from a different Mac running Mojave and this problem does not occur (I get both words in Italian as I want). This wasn’t happening on High Sierra either, and I don’t thing I ever changed any particular settings other than the language.

Any idea on what this might be due to, and how to fix it? One workaround was to create a custom export theme and change the options for chapters from <$t:chapter> to <$n:chapter>

This at least got me numbers (1, 2, 3…) instead of words (one, two, three).

However, I’d like a real solution that allows me to have exports to be consistent on the two machines. Could this be a Sierra problem? Or some other system settings? Thanks.

Hmm, what is your system language set to? In theory you should only need to set the language in Scrivener’s settings, but it’s worth checking your system language too. These number words are created using Apple’s “NSNumberFormatter” using “spelled-out style”. Basically, I pass a number to Apple’s number formatter, and that returns the number as a word using the current language (of the app or system).

I just tested this myself by changing the language in Scrivener’s Preferences to Italian, restarting Scrivener, and compiling, and everything worked as expected - I got “Capitolo” instead of “Chapter”. So I think this must be down to a setting on your system, I’m afraid, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

All the best,