language problem on Mac-to-Windows file

I use Scrivener in Japanese language on both Mac and Windows versions.

On Mac the language is shown properly, when I open a file created on Windows. But on Windows the language in the content isn’t shown properly (the one in the titles are fine), when I open a file created on Mac.


Can you please provide a screenshot so I can better understand what the issue is?

This sounds like it might be a font issue. You are likely using a Japanese or Unicode font on the Mac which doesn’t exist on Windows, so it is dropping back to the system default, which is not a Unicode font and will cause everything to look like garbage or rectangles. Does that describe what you are seeing?

If so, you might be lucky enough to just transfer the fonts from your Mac to Windows and try reloading the project from your original Mac version.

This is Mac.

And this is Windows.

Thanks, AmberV. I set the same font on both platforms, but it doesn’t solve the problem…