Language setting for export

Would it be possible to set the language of an RTF file prior to export?

? I didn’t know RTF even had an attribute for this.

If it does, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be one that the OS X text engine supports. I just looked through all of the properties supported by the text engine (most of which you can set via Compile in 2.0), and language isn’t one of them. Sorry.

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Yes, there’s an attribute called deflang which can be used, but as you say; all depends on the text engine.

Cheers Apple.

These are the only attributes that are supported by the text system to my knowledge: … Attributes

If anyone knows different, though, let me know… It seems odd that there’s not a language option, so I do wonder if I’m missing it somewhere.

Actually I have no problem believing they’d leave out something like this. Don’t worry about it though; the language can be set very easily from the word processor side.

Nisus is very good for this in my experience, as it can mark each stretch of a multi-lingual text according to the language of that stretch. A long time ago, I did ask if there might be a chance of setting a secondary font for just such purposes, since I deal with a lot of documents in mixed Simplified Chinese and English, and so language marking would be brilliant, but I can quite see why if might not make the cut for Scrivener. On the other hand, I do wish that exported docs/RTFs could be labelled British English or American English or whichever variety each user prefers. I have to switch them to Brit. Eng. in Nisus, to remove all the apparent spelling errors!



Yep. Same here! :smiley:

Have to convert the document to British English every time I export. Looks like its time for me to learn the Nisus macro language …

Just highlight the whole text and select your language from the language palette or menu … I’ve given it the keystroke opt-cmd-B, and Chinese is opt-cmd-H (for Hanzi!) No need for macros.



From a response by Martin on the Nisus Writer Express forum to a question about imported text always being in US English rather than British English …

I didn’t know this, but I’m giving it a try! International Preferences say you need to log out and back in for the change to take effect.



A much-belated thanks!

I tried it, and it worked a treat! The exported file now loads into Nisus with the correct language settings. Nice one!

Thanks again.