Language settings - I don't write in the language of the sys


When I write, I usually do not write in the language used in Mac OS. My native language is Swedish, and I would like to keep Mac speaking Swedish to me.

When I write, however, I almost never write in Swedish. So, how do I make Scrivener see that I would not like to use the Swedish locale set in System Text Preference, but rather US or British English?

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Sorry for missing this one - I just saw your plea on Twitter.

I’m afraid there’s no way of doing this - Scrivener will default to using the language set in the System Preferences whenever you reopen a project. Unfortunately this is a limitation with the OS X spelling system - you’ll find exactly the same problem in TextEdit, for instance. I’ve investigated this, and it seems that there is no way of setting up NSSpellChecker (Cocoa’s spelling engine) to use a different language in different documents/projects in the same application and have them saved and restored. It’s possible to set the language for NSSpellChecker, but by default there is only a single shared spell-checker object per application, so that would be application-wide anyway. And although in theory it would be possible to create a separate NSSpellChecker object for each project, there seems to be no way of telling the various text views to use a different spell-checker object to the default one, meaning that even if I created custom spell-checker objects using different languages, I couldn’t tell the text views to use them, which would be useless.

So, this one remains on the list - I agree this would useful, it’s just that it seems technically impossible with the Cocoa text system at the moment. If any developers out there know differently, please let me in on the secret!

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  1. I read the plea of dargosch and have the same problem, writing in one language and have settings in another one. Is there any change respect to the answer by KB on Fri Oct 14, 2011 below.

  2. Is there a possibility to have two languages in the same project?

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