Language settings per project?

I’d like to change the language on a per project or per document basis, the way one can do with .rtf files in Nisus Writer Pro, and in Word documents.

I know this has been requested before but I haven’t been able to find any settings that allow me to do so.

This would be really helpful for academic writers submitting to international journals.

Unfortunately there is no way to change the stand macOS spell-checker and dictionary which Scrivener uses to a different language on a per-project basis - I’ve taken this up with Apple and they have said there is no way of doing it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I can leave it until the finishing stages then. Just need to tolerate some underlined emphasized and emphasised &c.

I am reading this five years later, so I am just wondering if there has been any improvement. I am writing sometimes in English, sometimes in French, and each time I change the language for the current project, it changes it for ALL the projects so that I have to switch back all the time.

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There hasn’t been a change in Scrivener, but Apple claims to be able to auto-detect the current language. So you might check your Mac OS Settings (specifically the Keyboard → Text Input → Input Sources pane) to make sure it’s enabled to do that.

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Also set the spell checker to “Automatic by Language” (based on the detected language) in the same place. It works, even in the same document. I just gave it a try with a German and an English paragraph, and the suggested corrections matched the languages without any other preparations.

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Thank you both. True! This works marvelously.
Just went to system preference > keyboard > input sources and ticked “automatically switch to a document’s input source”
THEN I did exactly that: in Scrivener, in Edit > spelling and grammar > show spelling and grammar, I chose “automatic by language” in the scrolldown menu.
When my current document is mainly in English, it still automatically detects French even when I write just one sentence.