Languages available: European Portuguese


Just to let you know that you have ‘European Portuguese’ listed in the languages available, but it is really ‘Brazilian Portuguese’, not European. The two varieties have important vocabulary (and grammar) differences. Just a few examples:

English: save
EU Portuguese: guardar
BR Portuguese: salvar

English: user
EU Portuguese: utilizador
BR Portuguese: usuário

English: manager
EU Portuguese: gestor
BR Portuguese: gerenciador

Some of this vocabulary is so foreign to me, that I have to stop and think ‘what is this word?’, so I’d rather work with the English version. The impact is that big.

Bottom line, if you could please rename the language as ‘Brazilian language’, I’d appreciate it. I’d appreciate it even more if you could add ‘European Portuguese’ to the ‘Brazilian Portuguese’ option, but I know it’s not likely.

Thanks for a great software programme nonetheless.