Large amounts of text go missing (upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4?)

I posted in Feedback but gather it needs to be in here.

Around 10,000 words of text went missing from a 61k project. I think but cannot be certain that this happened when upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4 - it was immediately afterwards that I noticed the missing text, but it is possible that it happened in the 2-3 days prior.

All sections are present, however in one section the text ends in mid-word and around 8000 words are missing from that section. When opening the RTF document in the documents folder, the text is actually missing from that, not just failing to show up in Scrivener itself.

I have not yet identified where the other 2k have gone from, as all other section beginnings and ends are present, so it is somewhere in the middle of a section.

This was not a disaster in my case as I have been pasting all work into Word at the end of each writing session, but obviously would be for less cautious users.

I can’t tell you the steps to replicate as I don’t know what caused it to occur, but I can provide one of the affected RTF documents if that would help (though I don’t imagine it would). Is there any logging file I can forward?