Large File


I am trialling Scrivener and I am so far pretty impressed - it really will help me organise and write…

I am a little worried however as the Scrivener file is 1.6Gb and I haven’t even started writing yet…I have about 300 pdf’s in my Research which I am using as reference material but at the moment the pages are still white!

Is this normal?


Well, a Scrivener project is the sum of it’s contents (plus some other files that can have some small impact on the size of a project). If your 300 pdfs are about 1.6 GB in total, then yes, the copies you imported into the project will take up that much space.

Internally, a scrivener project is just a set of folders and files (at least 1 file per entry in the binder). If you don’t want your research PDFs taking up that much space, you should investigate the feature that adds aliases of the original files to the binder, rather than copies of them.

Great - I did wonder whether that was the case…I will definitely look into that

Thanks very much