Large PDF files in Research Could not Display appropriately

This issue has an entry in the known issues list.

Steve, as to your specific workflow, do you require the source document actually be in PDF? You might find it easier to work with it in general if you select the PDF and convert it to text (I’d recommend doing that on a copy) with the Documents/Convert/Convert PDF to Text menu command. If you do need the text presented as designed, there are workarounds in that articles that will help.

As noted there, this is a Mac bug, there isn’t much we can do about it right now, unfortunately. It has been around since 10.9.

thank you for both the replay and for the suggestion … it has help to get me going …

i realize that to a certain extent this was a known issue and that there is little you folks can do … :frowning:

however, the problem seems to have been aggravated … a) in a PDF I cannot use the search function at all without a crash; b) it is very unstable if the PDF is even being read; and c) i have noticed that since loading Sierra that Scrivener hangs a lot … it almost never hang before …

I will no doubt take the time to roll back the OS … it does not seem to have anything new anyway …

I should have known better …



For myself I have seen the bug come and go with different versions. For a while it was so bad I just used an external viewer when I needed PDFs—for me that was fine because I don’t use them often, save to look up references in the manuals, and frankly a dedicated reader is better for stuff like that than the vanilla Mac reader.

This will be solved, but it required major overhauls to the entire codebase since it involves using newer frameworks.

Oh and on the crashing, we don’t many reports yet for that, so it might be something specific. Even some PDFs in particular can give Scrivener a hard time. I’d suggest getting in touch with with support. They might be able to help you spot the problem or the bug, as the case may be.