large random gaps between paragraphs

I never had this problem until I updated my OS to the newest Sierra from two OS’s ago. It could be a coincidence too though. I am working on a page of my manuscript in split screen mode and I switch to another page and there will be an enormous space, like 12 inches between one paragraph and other. Not all paragraphs, just here and there. I can’t select it and delete it, I have to put the cursor right before the lower paragraph and hit delete. Then in one fast swoop, it hugs itself back up where it’s supposed to be. It’s not like there are a bunch of separate lines with returns. It’s driving me crazy and creates a ton of work for me. My Scrivener is up to date it says so I’m at a loss. Thank you for any help.

It sounds like you’ve run into this bug, but it’s hard to say until you can better see what you’re working with. The Format/Options/Show Invisibles command reveals spacing characters like line feeds and carriage returns.

While this is an annoying bug to some, it might have done you a favour in this case, as it sounds like it is revealing instances where the wrong form of line break was being used to form paragraphs.

Thank you for the show invisibles idea! That showed me I had a bunch of random tables inserted. I have no idea how they got there but I’m so glad you suggested that. Thank you!