Large tables in epub

Hi all,

I’ve made a Kindle ebook with a large table, which can be displayed in the viewer of calibre and other PC viewer, though with a tiny font, but not with the original Kindle. The table is simply too large and won’t be displayed completely even when I use the smallest font on my Kindle.

Does anybody made an ebook with larger tables?

Any recommendations? Pointers to an ebook reference?


Could you break the table up into smaller tables? It sounds as though the Kindle is having problems breaking it across virtual pages, so I’m not sure if that would help.
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I am new to Kindle but today I found a way to navigate through wide tables on Kindle.

Select the table with the arrow key and then use the left or right arrow key to scroll the table to the left or right.

Its not comfortable but works.

My tables are simply too large and I cannot find a way to split them into multiple tables. :frowning: