Last few lines in a section disappearing[BUG LOGGED]

Hi, my apologies if this has already been mentioned. I didn’t see anything like it in the headers below.

I keep finding that the last few lines of each of my chapters (I’m writing each chapter as a file-- they appear as sub-files of my broader file, marked “draft”) seem to disappear. They’re really there-- if I hit delete a few times, they’ll pop up. When I simply scroll down to the very bottom of the file, they seem to be gone. Each text file is about 3000 words.

This is obviously a little worrying! Hope it can be fixed.


It happens to me as well. If you select all the text with ctrl-a and adjust the margins on the ruler the text magically re-appears. So it’s an annoyance, but apparently doesn’t lose your work.

Oh gosh! I’m glad I’m not the only one having problems with this. It’s given me a mini heart attack on several occasions. >.<; I usually just exit Scrivener and re-open it, but I’ll try your suggestions – they seem less time-consuming. Lol.

Another way is to hit View -> Show Invisibles.

Your text will reappear, and then when you turn off Show Invisibles it will stay. This gave me a a heart attack the first time it happened,but it is just a visual trick. You will notice your word count does not change when it happens.

It is a documented Beta glitch.

I’ve mentioned this in one of my posts. Glad to see I’m not alone! - Seems to happen beyond the bottom of the text window.

For me, it’s more than the last few lines disappearing. I’ve had as much as the last 200+ words vanishing from the screen. Clicking on Show Invisibles brings them back, but when I switch to another page and then back again, the words vanish again (even with Show Invisibles on). The words return when I turn Show Invisibles off.

This can be incredibly frustrating at times. Yes, the words are still in there, but when I go back to read the last stuff on the page, I always freak out and then remember about the glitch.


Good to know, thanks! I was sorely missing my invisible notes.

I’ve also been having major issues with this and it doesn’t seem to be resolved by the show/hide invisibles. One thing I’ve noticed though is it happens more frequently when I separate my chapters into parts using:

Several line before and after the mock divide disappear, occasionally many paragraphs.

I didn;t see this thread before so I posted it something similar in “Text hides itself”, owuld one of you guys read it please and tell me if that’s the same thing you are experienceing? I also tried show/hide invisibles and it didn’t work x

Thanks for the Show Invisibles tip, that works for me. My last paragraph tends to disappear whenever I come back from looking at Research, but clicking on Show Invisibles - regardless of whether or not I am turning it on or off - always brings back what went missing.