Last File Stalls Syncing in iPad

I did a search in the forums to see how syncing works in iPad, but I was not able to find an answer to my question. I have no issues with syncing my iPhone which I use more often than Scrivener on my iPad. Today I tried to sync Scrivener on iPad and syncing keeps getting stuck at the last file (e.g. “Syncing (5 of 6 files)” or “Syncing (2 of 3 files)”. I tried quitting the app by double clicking on the home button and then swiping the app up. I also restarted the iPad, but these have not helped. Any suggestions?

My iPad is 9.3.5, and so is my iPhone.

Click cancel and then simply re-sync.

Hi lunk, I did that too about a dozen times, but it is not helping. Is there anything else I can try?

What happened when tou re-synced?

When I click Cancel, I get an icon saying “Sync Canceled. Not all files could be updated because the sync was canceled. OK”. In the meantime, I can see a small X in a red circle next to the project that did not sync completely. I click OK, and I can select anything I want at this point. I can click on a project, or I can create a new one, or I can click on the sync icon, which is what I have been doing so far. When I click on the sync icon, it starts syncing from where it left off, e.g. “Syncing 2 of 3 files”.

When this happens to me, I simplt wait a bit, tap Cancel, wait a bit (without doing anything!) and then tap the Sync symbol. By then the Dropbox server has usually finished doing whatever it was doing and just sync.

Are you by any chance having a superlarge file of some kind in the project? A large pdf, or image?

I am at my home network which I believe is slow. I am currently syncing DevonThink on my iPhone which has to process a very large number of files. May be that’s the issue. I will keep trying as you suggested.

I do not have many large files in Scrivener. I have one pdf file and one image file; the rest are text files. It works no problem on my iPhone, which is why the iPad’s syncing surprises me.

Any difference in “age”/capacity between iPhone and iPad?

On your iPad, I would go to Settings > Scrivener > Reset Scrivener > and do Clear Dropbox Sync Cache. I suspect the sync is probably stalling because of a gremlin in the sync cache.



xiamenese, I tried your suggestion once. It did not work. So I tried it again with restarting Scrivener by double clicking on the home button and swiping the app up. I then also restarted the iPad. Now Scrivener is at “Syncing (11 of 13 files).” It’s always with the same document.

lunk, my iPhone is newer – iPhone 6 and has 80+GB available. My iPad is older (4th generation, late 2012), and has 2.5 GB available.

Update: I tried a couple of more times to sync, and now it’s all set! Success!

Glad to hear! :smiley:
It was probably a slightly larger file in combination with a not superfast WiFi and a slightly slower iPad. :slight_smile:

just another reinforcement of the general suggestion that the files to be synced need to be kept reasonable. In the beginning, I changed the backup location, so that the backups weren’t in the syncing file… because of the length of time to sync. But then recently, I started having the problem that syncing would stall partway through. I finally concluded that maybe there was a slightly corrupt file, or some ‘extra’ things that were ending up in the sync folder… so I opened the project on my desktop, removed everything in the dropbox>apps>Scrivener folder, then saved/closed the project… which of course put a clean version in that folder. Once I did that, the syncing worked just great on my ipad and phone.