Last line off screen

When typing, screenplay mode, the last line of typing is off the screen. The first typed letter/number/character will scroll the page up so the last line is at the bottom, but when I hit enter, it disappears off screen again until I type something other than a command.

Is there a setting inside the configuration to scroll the screen up 1/3 or so when I hit enter on the last viewable line?

Have you tried enabling Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling? That will keep your typing line centred in the editor, so although it does go a line or two below it with the empty lines when using Enter to call up the elements list, it shouldn’t ever go off the screen. The command works per-editor (so separately for each split and full screen).

(I’ve filed this as a bug too, but for the time being TW scolling might work for you.)

Thanks Mim, I’ll give it a try. It does say in the config “in new projects” and I’m not seeing a change in behavior, so perhaps I need to create a new project to make this work.

There are two settings; you can configure it as the default in new projects in the Editor tab of Options, which sounds like what you’re looking at, but you can also toggle it on and off for any editor by putting the focus in the editor (just click into it) and then using Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling (Ctrl+G,Ctrl+T).

That was it, MM. That got it working as I like. Thank you.