Last modified collection?

Is there a way to search for last modified dates?

I have an unfortunate habit of keeping projects open for weeks at a time, and quite often lose the thread of what I have or haven’t edited since I last saved the project (I know it’ auto-saves). This is particularly problematic when - for reasons that are too dull to explain (i.e. I’m a twit) - I have more than one copy of a project and I don’t always open the right one.

Ideally a Collection that could contain ‘since last full save’, or perhaps ‘last 10 modified scrivenings’ or something similar?

Another scenario would be opening up a project I am instantly on the last scrivening I worked on - but what was the one before that (say I was in edit mode)?

I KNOW you’re meant to use metadata for this kind of hoopla, but hey, I procrastinated my way into this mess, and I’ll procrastinate my way out…

Switch to outline mode and add Modified Date as one of the columns to be displayed. You can then see when a document was last modified–though that can be you altering only a single character. If you don’t want to scan down a list of random dates click on the column heading and it will sort into ascending or descending order. (Click on Status seems to reinstate Binder order–at least it did for me when I tried this.)

[Edited: seems if you keep clicking on Title the documents will be sorted in turn by ascending and descending alphabetic and then by Binder order. No need for my Status clicking afterall.]

Does the job, but wasn’t quite what I was after (which is effectively a date-search, I guess). Also means you have to select and then expand every node of your manuscript.

Hmm. But having done a brief compare of the two project files using the Outline method I’m interested in I’m in a whole heap of trouble, so finding a proper solution is the least of my worries… :open_mouth: