Last name, and folder name (?) print on top right, with page number

Hobbs / 1PAGESTORIES1 / 1
This is on the top right of all my pdf compiled pages in the body of the manuscript, not in the front matter. I 'd like to delete
Hobbs/1PAGESTORIES and keep the page numbers.
In addition, when I make an epub, it creates a blue cover with the title 1PAGESTORIES1 as the title and Hobbs as the author. How do I change this to the true title name and pseudonym?
I can send screen shots if you tell me how to send them. I don’t know how to upload them using this forum or we can screen share when you have a chance. My number is [REDACTED] Ready when you are.
Can you tell me how to do that?
Thank you,

Header, here: … 31#p271631

Title and author name, here:

Slàinte mhòr.

Thank you.


Slàinte mhòr.