Last opened project will not reopen

I have my preferences set as in the attachment. The projects are all stored in a folder on Dropbox that Scrivener set up for me when I first bought the iOS edition

When I quit the project and close Scrivener, I was under the impression that the last project would automatically reopen. That doesn’t happen. What am I doing wrong?

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If you quit a project and then close Scrivener, there will be no project that was open when Scrivener was last closed for Scrivener to reopen.

So as a test, run a project and just quit Scrivener while the project is still open. If you then relaunch Scrivener, the project should open (so long as it is still accessible to Scrivener, i.e. it hasn’t been moved or deleted) .

Does that work?



I opened the project, then quit Scrivener without doing anything else.
Launched Scrivener again but it doesn’t reopen the project that was quit.

I have to go into File>Recent Projects in order to open it again.

Open the project, do something in it, wait a few seconds so Scrivener saves it, then quit Scrivener without first closing the project. Just Command-Q. The re-open Scrivener.
Does Scrivener still open without any project open?

Yes, it opens but not to the last project

Here is what I am doing.

Standard questions that Katherine will want to know when she sees this:

Have you restarted your Mac?
What versions of Scrivener and MacOS?


Mac Mini M1
Big Sur 11.1
Scrivener 3.2.2 (14632)


It’s not opening the Template Chooser either, which makes me think it’s just plain not seeing your Preferences files.

Please reset Scrivener’s Preferences file, as explained here: … references


I was going to suggest resetting the preferences or just toggling the options off and then on again to make sure nothing is stuck.

Also noticed that Dropbox is beavering away during the opening and closing of the project, so perhaps it is locking the project in some way. Worth creating a test project on your desktop to see if that works properly, just to eliminate Dropbox as a possible cause?

Created a local project. Same problem.

The dropbox activity is a zip backup being sent to them.

With Dropbox ruled out and—presumably—a reset of the preferences not yielding a happy outcome, I would trying uninstalling, cold booting, and then reinstalling a fresh download of Scrivener. … s?os=macOS

If that also yielded no joy, I’d open a support ticket:

I’m not resetting preferences. It took a long time to fine tune things as I wanted.
I don’t want to have to go in and do it all again.

Know what you mean. Thankfully, you can save your preferences and reload them.

Okay, it’s fixed. Uninstalled and installed again.
I don’t know what was different to when I first installed it but at least it’s okay now.

Thank you to everyone who chimed in with advice. Much appreciated.

Good to hear.