Last Project Opened

Hi Keith,

This is a little tentative. Is it possible to have a “Last Project Opened” preference in:

Preferences>General> (to go with the) Reopen recent projects on program launch - as a startup option.


I’m not sure why you would want that (or even if I understand the suggestion). The last project open is the one you have open when you close the app!
So, sorry, but it’s a “no” to this one, hope you understand.
All the best,

I suppose what me means is this:
When you have 3 projects open and close Scrivener, all three will be loaded when re-opening Scrivener.
He wants only the last loaded to open. Honestly I’d like this, too. But if you don’t want to add this option, we’ll have to close all windows before exiting the application :slight_smile:

An alternative might be to have a list of Favourites that are always accessible via a menu or list on the startup screen, and maybe the ability to designate some of those to open whenever you open SCR. I use one project often, to stockpile notes and clippings à la DTPro, and it would be nice to have it always readily available, and/or always open on startup, even if I have not used it recently. As it is now it disappears even in Recent Projects if it’s not one of the last 10 projects opened (which often happens as I write in 15-20 projects per day). I realize there are other ways to handle this (Applescript, aliases, Dock, iKey, etc) but I would find it handier to have my favourites readily accessible from within SCR.

We’re really getting into obscure behaviour here, in that we are moving away from expected behaviour and the way other apps work. Sorry, but there are going to be no changes in this regard. In most apps you don’t even get your recent document opened…

Only opening the last project opened wouldn’t make any sense. What if you opened a project, but finished your session working in an earlier one? Would you want the last one you opened to be there the next time you started, even if you had abandoned it for the time being?

As for favourites. That is what “File/Recent Projects” is for.

For a system wide solution consider LaunchBar:

Configure it to keep an index of desired document types.
Assign a keyboard shortcut to favorite applications.

Type Command Space, followed by the application’s shortcut, followed by Right Arrow to get a list of documents. Type or scroll to further filter the list.

LaunchBar has a number of other helpful uses–see help file.