Last two updates triggered my virus software

The two most recent updates both triggered my virus software - (System Mechanic).

The program ended, but the installation seems complete.

I am sure this is their problem and not yours!

See screen captures in attachments.
bitrock_debug.xml (23.2 KB)
Scriv bug2.JPG

In your case most probably some HTML to PDF conversions will fail, if ever used. The rest of the Scrivener functionality should be working without problems. Our antivirus scanners have not shown any issues, and this is most probably due to an old version of doc2any, also raising issues with an old version of 7zip. As this is a third party library Scrivener is using, we do not have much control over it. We are upgrading the library with the next major version of Scrivener.

For the moment you might try turning OFF System Mechanic, while you install Scrivener for Windows.

Just to add a note of confirmation that you and Tiho of course are likely correct…

I have had many of these ‘too risky’ notifications from Norton’s actually pretty excellent scanners, usually due to lack of certificates or app whitelisting by the writers, but never on Scrivener, and not with these updates either.

The doc2any/7-zip issue is a valid concern, so in turn System Mechanics may be doing its intended job.

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