Last viewed document in scrivener 3

This isn’t a scrivener 3 bug so I think it goes in this forum… I can’t find an option to flip back to the last document I viewed. I have 2-3 documents I’m flipping between at the moment, and it’s really frustrating not to have an easy way to do that. I’m not really into split screens, as really I don’t need the others open all the time. I could swear that was a feature but I’m not sure where it is and if I can add it to my toolbar. Or a shortcut. Either would be really nice. I did find “previous document” but that seemed base on my order of files, which is not helpful. I also hid the document title toolbar at one point and have no idea how to get it back, so if it’s on that thing, consider this a feature request to put it on the main toolbar?

Hoping there’s an easy answer. Thanks!

In the Mac version it is two small “arrows” at the top left of the Editor window, < >

You should have it in the Win version as well I think.

The menu items you need are Navigate > Editor > Backward in Document History and Forward in Document History – the shortcuts are ctl-[ and ctl-] respectively.