Latest addiction: Mass Effect

I’m totally hooked on the game Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. Anyone else played it? In my view, much, much better than the Halo games. I’ve never tended to make much headway with RPGs (too much to think about for my ageing brain), but Mass Effect is easier to get the head around than some RPGs, plus there’s still lots of opportunity to shoot things. Works for me!

It’s a truly, truly awesome game - with a lot packed into it AND it’s the first of a trilogy, so you have two more instalments to enjoy :smiley:

I think I might just have to fire up the 360 and play it again.

It is an excellent game, with a great story (and hot blue alien chicks!). I loved it and will be buying the downloadable content for it to play that.

The problem I had with it is it was SO good, the problems with it (particularly the texture drop in) seemed all the more out of place!

I’m really looking forward to ME2.